Welcome to WildGuernsey…a secluded retreat on the south west coast, for families, couples, friends, whole site bookings and any human who wants to sink back a bit and pause.

We open 1st March 2021 until end of October, for staying on the land. A peaceful corner of Guernsey and the closest glamping site to nature’s swimming pool, with Fort Grey being just a pebbles throw away. We’re hidden away, accessed via a green lane or sunken path, with word of mouth being the usual way of sharing the location of our spot by the sea which keeps us a little known earthy glamping gem in St Peters.

Our Workshops will start early spring connecting to the Islands edible land and seascapes, aligning with the celebrations around the seasonal earth festivals, the hearth of the fire and the moon.

The stars are bright here and nature is bountiful with buzzards and butterflies enjoying untamed wild areas. Locals who have stayed leave comments, feeling they have been ‘somewhere different’ and that time has paused making for a perfect place for a staycation.

2021continued to be a time for us to reach out into the local community a little more, which meant more people found us (we’ve not been intentionally hiding, just allowing folk to come across us!) and so booking our whole ‘village’ has become popular. The land and layout offer privacy and communal areas to share with a group, and plenty of hideaway spots for kids to explore. Whether the whole site suits you or an individual tent, there are 3 choices ALL with bedding and kitchens; Woodsman Ger, Seashore Safari tent or Barefoot Forager Tipi.

Facilities consist of two bathrooms in the barn, one with a roll top bath, plenty of places to plug-in phones/charge things, a big fridge and heaps of places to picnic or sit around a fire. All tents: The Woodsman Ger, Seashore Safari and Barefoot Forager Tipi have private paths, kitchens, sitting areas and all bedding is included. The imperial and Indian at L’Eree are only a beach stroll away if you don’t fancy cooking on the fire or stove. Rechargeable lanterns and torches will help light your way.

Families are very welcome and the site is suited to children who are free to climb trees, hide and seek around the land, play field games, help out with the animals, make a fire, craft with wild things and we’re happy to give you ideas of nature based activities or ideas of wild food to enjoy together.

WildGuernsey opened around 10 years ago, run by Tara and D’Arcy with our two sons, now 8 and 11 yrs.

UPDATE: Please check the local Government site for information about visiting Guernsey. We cannot offer a place to self isolate.