Local area

Down the path and south we have the sandy Rocquaine beach, bordered by rock pools and reefs. Fort Grey museum across the pier walkway, which doubles up as a great sea jumping place at high tide. Just in front of the land and by the beach is the Guernsey Pearl cafe and gift shop.

Further along you’ll arrive at the Imperial Hotel with two bars and a restaurant, Portelet bay kiosk and toilets, where you can get a light lunch, ice creams and beach things. Portelet is a quaint bay still used by fishermen with trees offering shade from the mid day sun, with a pier for jumping off and crabbing. From here you can walk the south coast cliffs, via fort Pezeries and the fairy ring, car-free and good for child scooters/ bike riding. You’ll find fortifications and towers along these paths with stunning seascapes. The cliff paths will take you all the way to St Peter port if you have 5 hrs or so to walk them. Some of our favourite places are along here to sit and stare out to sea, take a private dip in a cove, wander along picking things off the hedge or drop into one of the kiosks/restaurants.

Heading north from WildGuernsey you can walk on the beach or the common land above, passing Le Tricoteur Guernsey jumper shop. The orchid fields are close to here, just down the lane next to Le Tricoteur. Walk on another 10 mins to L’Eree, a rocky shore with a sea wall to shelter on the sandy beach from the north east winds. Here is a traditional ice-cream van, toilets, a fish and chip shop and the Taste of India restaurant (eat in/take out – often booked up at weekends). Further still is a rugged small Island, also seen from our lookout at the land. Lihou is accessed via a tidal causeway with a deep rock pool and to swim in. Just before reaching this causeway is the fairy cave dolmen, which looks over the wetland Ramsar area for bird watching. Further around are more bays (Vazon for surfing, with a surf school), kiosks, paths leading to the sandy bays of the west and north coast.

You’ll come across hedge vegetable boxes selling all sorts of things and a good one is up the Coudre road, east of WildGuernsey towards the Silbe Nature reserve. Mandy and Peter Girard have the Golden Guernsey goat farm where you can book in to feed goats, or pop around the back of their house to buy cheese, eggs, yogurt and gifts (closed Sundays). Further up the road a small supermarket and a post office. This road takes you to the middle of Guernsey and onto St Peter Port.

And finally… not forgetting up above. You’ll see kestrels, buzzards, Egret, Heron, shags and hear the oyster catchers from the land. Down at the beach or in the lanes at dusk, bats dart about. Our mature hedges attract many birds, bees, dragon flies and butterflies. When the sun sets, with a new or late rising moon, the stars are bright. Sitting on the land, with the high hedges blocking any distant house lights, and Fort grey museum, you get a good show of the stars. The full moon is seen rising over the land, and the sun sets over the sea, reminding you that it’s not far to go for a stroll or dip.

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