The Woodsman Ger

P1020677You’ll be met with a freshly homemade sweet treat with wild herbal tea, plus a handmade gift. Flowers, a library and games for sitting around the woodburner.

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Bring your towel, but leave your sleeping bag at home as you tuck yourselves up on a cosy double bed/single fouton with full bedding and blankets.

A sheltered private  kitchen lovingly made out of up-cycled, yet well loved items which  offers a homely cooking and a covered space to sit out under and gaze back at your Ger.P1020664

This tent is larger and can accommodate 6 people comfortably: 1 double bed, 2 single foutons and 2 floor mattresses.

The paths wind their way to your site and around it, giving privacy and a feeling of being in amongst nature.P1020667