2021 workshops

Finally after far too long, we have workshops to offer. Each is £25 per person and booking via email wildguernsey@yahoo.co.uk or call/ message on 07781 122420.

Fireside woodcrafting with wild food nibbles – Saturday 23rd October 1-3pm. Making a ring/band using a range of cuts and whittling techniques, with a little gathering of wild food and tasting it around the fire. Adults only.

Autumnal roots and shoots workshop– Saturday 30th October 10-12pm. Harvesting whats on offer this time of year, preserving for the winter and soaking in the goodness of the greens growing up from the soil.

And a little note to say sorry for not offering up more dates this year. If you have a voucher to use, please select a workshop from above or get in contact.

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