The Seashore Safari Tent

The Seashore Safari tent can accommodate a family of 4. It has a wood burner and porch to sit out under. A fully equipped private field kitchen stocked with the basics that you need; organic olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, coffee, tea leaves and herbal tea bags. An eclectic mix of pots and pans, saved and salvaged from times past, provide you with your kitchen. We’ve opted for a soapy treat from ‘The Soapy Donkey’ to meet your arrival this year.

Willow surrounds and shelters this tent, with a private outside sitting area, opening up into the shared field and a fire circle close to our oak tree hide out. Paths and tunnels for children to explore and adults to take a glass of something nice to soak up the sea views. Prices

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