Green living, local food

A greener holiday

We want to offer our guests a really sustainable holiday in a changing world. Stay with us, and you can genuinely pat yourself on the back. Your footprint will be light on the earth. We source all our wood locally, use biodegradable, ethically sourced products and consider that what comes onto the land must be composted, recycled or end up in landfill.  We have a policy to make use of reclaimed  items and unrealised potentials  from our ‘throw away’ society, adding a quirkiness and unique feel to your stay. See our Ethical page if you are interested to know more.

Foot, bike and bus Scheme

When you walk to a place, time allows you to take in your surroundings.   We have kept our site car-free to give people an opportunity to live without their car and because it’s a wonderful thing to find us on foot.  Being car-free also ensures disturbance is kept to a minimum for neighbouring houses and therefore protects the tranquillity of the area for you. We therefore have a foot, bike and bus policy scheme that we invite you to join.

If you come to stay without a car, and stay with our ‘Simple Luxury’ tent for 7 nights or more, you get a free bus pass for your stay (see below), plus a free foot massage oil for pampering those feet at the end of the day.  If you do bring a car (maximum one per pitch) all parking is at The Guernsey Pearl Centre just below the site, and a 5 min walk away. Sarnia Cycle Hire, run by Shane and Laura offer a great service, delivering to our land the evening before so that you’ve the bikes bright and early the next day.  They also have an electric bikes for hire, a first for the Island and a good compromise between the bike and car! details will be sent out in your Welcome Pack.

We are on one of the  quaint ‘green lanes’  that connect up the island, which makes cycling off the main road easier, although there is only a car speed limit of 35 mph. If you are cycling to and on Guernsey then it is worth taking the smaller roads (ask us for a route if you are with children)  to WildGuernsey as unfortunately the car is King over here and not all the roads are quiet and quaint.  The buses are good and cheap (£1 per journey) and we’ll provide a timetable ( , plus a free pass for those that come car-free and stay Simple Luxury for 7 nights or more (an ‘ormer’  card of 20 journeys for a week stay and 50 journeys for a 2 week stay). We have a selection of bikes to borrow (rescued from the reclamation site and done up by D’Arcy and his Dad) for those who want to potter, with cycle route maps which include the quaint and unique green lanes, hedge veg. map (to buy your produce locally from the sides of the road) and bike lock.  Our bikes vary in sizes, cannot be reserved and there to pop to the shops, down to the beach etc.  If you require a certain size bike, one for your whole stay or a more serious road bike, then we can recommend  company to hire from.

Local food

You will be able to buy/catch/forage for a supper of freshly caught or gathered food on your own fire or camp stove; no intensive farming, no packaging, no air miles, no exploitation – just simple, beautiful food and your own quiet satisfaction.  Fresh Spider crab is sold on a saturday along the coast, 5 mins by car, along with fish from Perelle Fish shop, or catch your own on a fishing trip.  There are two Farmers Markets, where local meat, fish and vegetarian food can be bought.  Well worth an amble around on a Saturday morning.
We offer Hedge veg. and WildFood baskets or you can walk or cycle to collect your own Guernsey grown produce with fruit, vegetables, goat cheese and milk up the road.

Or indulge and buy one of our Food Baskets (prices vary) or choose vegetarian dishes from our Veggie take out menu (see the daily blackboard)to sample the best, local food to take away and picnic on the cliffs or indulge on site with:

  • Breakfast Baskets - Proper posh camping breakfasts to set you up for the day. Choose from 3 options (all food is local  except those marked*):

The Farm Basket: Bacon, our eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baguette, butter, tea (herbal or black*), coffee, milk-goats/cow (organic/not), juice*.

The Bakers Basket: Croissants, Guernsey Gauche (local fruit loaf, toasted with Guernsey butter!), butter, preserve (e.g. gooseberry & elder, raspberry or lavender), tea (herbal or black*), coffee, milk-goats/cow (organic/not), juice*.

Wholesome Basket: Home mixed muesli*,  fruit selection, milk -goats/cow(organic/not), juice, bio-yogurt (goats/cow*), tea (herbal or black*), coffee, juice*.

  • Welcome Basket - Awaiting for you to arrive in your Tipi/Bell tent: Chocolates, crisps, soft fruit/berries, Champagne*/cider/wine*/mulberry or damson gin/mirabelle or quince retaffia, sparkling water*and berry cordial (blackberry/boysenberry).

Cheese and Pate Basket - For taking to the beach or have on the land watching the sunset: Cheese (cows and goats) selection, pate, baguette/biscuits*, butter, wine*, fruit preserve (e.g. fig, crab apple or quince).  For an idea about our cheeses see and

We also have a small Clay oven which we use once a week for fresh bread and pizza (D’Arcys specialty).  Pots and equipment for cooking over a fire can be rented from us too. The Local Food Baskets must be pre-ordered at least the day before and will change with the season and availability.

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