Simply Vegetarian home cooking


Wendy has been cooking Vegetarian food for years and she sells her full range at the Castel Farmers market held at the Friquet garden centre every other Saturday, two residential homes for the elderly and at our land for guests staying.

She accepts private orders.

One of her favourites is her cheese and herb rolls which are a welcome change to a sausage roll for meat eaters or a hearty snack for vegetarians. Other examples are sun-dried tomato and potato pasty, curried veg pasty and brie and tomato tartlet. She also sells out of her Jersey Wonders (having won first prize at the North Show all those years ago as a young girl!!) and Stem ginger and lemon (from our greenhouse at WildGuernsey) scones too at the Farmers Market. Her range of pies are always evolving to suit season and whatever takes her fancy! We sell her food to people staying on the land who can enjoy home cooked food whilst glamping.

Wendy attained 4 stars for her RSPH (Royal Society Public Health) certificates 1 and 2 on the Guernsey Food Hygiene Scheme.

You can get food from her by asking us at the land or please call her on 255277 or email on


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