Wendy’s Veggie Savouries

Wendy is my mum. She started her vegetarian cooking when at the age of 14, I decided that I wasn’t eating meat! Now, after years of providing a stall packed full of pastries and pies for the Friquet farmers market, fetes and nursing homes, she has a hedge veggie stall outside her house. She also cooks for people staying at WildGuernsey for those who want home cooking without baking it themselves.

You can find her stall, on your way to Port Soif, coming from Rue Maingy campsite. Leaving the scout head quarters on your left, pass a small lane on your right, and a bit further, you’ll see her camper van parked in the drive at the junction which takes you up to Barras Lane. You can pull over or park in her drive to pick up your savouries. Hand sanitizer is provided. You’re welcome to call her to see what she has for sale on 07781 414286, or message her on her facebook page.

mum market

One of her favourites is her cheese and herb rolls which are a welcome change to a sausage roll for meat eaters or a hearty snack for vegetarians. Other examples are sun-dried tomato & potato pasty, curried veg pasty and brie & tomato tartlet. She also sells out of her Jersey Wonders (having won first prize at the North Show all those years ago as a young girl!!) and Stem ginger and lemon (from our greenhouse at WildGuernsey). Her range of pies evolve to suit season and whatever takes her fancy!

Wendy attained 4 stars for her RSPH (Royal Society Public Health) certificates 1 and 2 on the Guernsey Food Hygiene Scheme.

She won the Potato Peel Pie competition (27th April 2018) at The College of Further Education with her ‘Taste of the Wild, Potato Peel Pie’, seen below…. innovatively using wild ingredients since they were abundant in past hard times. The knowledge of the land has been passed down to us to appreciate the nutrients of nature and the benefits of picking wild food, observing the seasons, considerate of  picking the plants in tune with their life cycles and leaving enough for others.

A taste of the wild 'potato peel pie'

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