Links to people we like

Here are a bunch of people who we are happy to recommend

Haut Maison Ltd are not only good friends of mine but also developing a reputation for producing culinary masterpieces from the fruits of their St. Sampson smallholding. Their products are pure, made according to otheir own unique recipes and made by hand through small-scale artisan production. Since we are currently living next to them, I have witnessed many times Katherine up into the small hours stirring pots of preserve and been presented with samples of Steves many alcoholic concoctions…. and you can taste their passion for good local food.

Le Tricoteur is just under the land at WildGuernsey where Neil and his team make the traditional Guernsey jumper and sell a few gifts.

Woodland Treasures - Geoff and Fiona make high quality wooden jewellery and combs lovingly hand carved in the Highlands of Scotland from reclaimed timbers  I discovered this site when I read an article in the Permaculture magazine and bought a beautiful goddess in yew and a tree of life in walnut.

The Permaculture Association - The word ‘permaculture’ comes from ‘permanent agriculture‘ and ‘permanent culture‘ – it is about living lightly on the planet, and making sure that we can sustain human activities for many generations to come, in harmony with nature. Visit their site for everything and more about living a sustainable life

Jersey Lavender - They grow, harvest and distil their own lavender to obtain the pure lavender oil. Visit them in Jersey or on line.  Alistair sells 3 herbal balms of mine.

InTransit - Run by Lauren who has a wealth of island knowledge.  In transit takes you from A to B reliably and do wedding pick ups, excursions etc.

Guernsey Fishing Guide - John runs shore fishing trips.  He says  “The thing that keeps me so enthusiastic about my sport is not so much what you catch it’s what might grab your bait next time, it could be that fish of a life time” .It is worth spending time with him, with a rod in hand on the shore somewhere.

Island Adventures - Kelly  will take you kayaking, making sure that you have time with them to learn the skills and enjoy the experience.  Plus she will go coasteering too, taking small groups and can adapt the time suit you.  Perfect for an activity based holiday  You can find her on our facebook page too

Sarnia Cycle Hire - Shane and Laura offer a flexible and personal service and have a passion not only for cycling but for sharing Guernseys more natural side with visitors.  They are also the only people to hire electric bikes for those who don’t fancy the hills!! We will send information about their bikes (all ages and tandem) with your ‘Welcome Pack’.

 Guernsey Society of Men of the Trees – They plant trees, educate and advise on the importance of trees in Guernsey to promote their benefits and how we can care for what are the oldest and largest living things on the planet upon which we live and depend. We are members.  Join if you can to support their work.

Green Choices - Green Choices is about the choices we can make in our everyday lives to protect our environment, for the benefit of all. They aim to empower us with simple, direct information on green alternatives which make a real, lasting difference.  The information is arranged as a series of Green Lifestyle Topics to browsw and get be inspired by.

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