Find a place to ourselves for a communion with the water.

Sea swimming is a crossing of boundaries: where land meets the sea, toes touch sand, skin touches water.

This is an unsignposted activity, not purely for entertainment but for the experience.

The sea is there for you to swim alone, or you can join us.

Spend time in a beautiful place to swim and float, to journey through the water, gain a sea perspective along the bay and sea edges, exploring what is beneath and above you. Experiencing a place involves knowing it better and we’ll ensure that you leave having felt this change of Being somewhere instead of merely visiting. We’ll share information with you about the environment, folklore and heritage.

Freedom and weightlessness, noise numbed as your ears sink beneath the surface and your breath sensed in the rise and fall of your body. You are in nature, part of it, and enveloped by it.

Options to take a dip at dusk with the fallen sun or wake for a dawn bathing, or wait for the full sun of the day.

With or without a wetsuit (dependent on time spent in water, experience and conditions).  The layer of rubber can deprive you of a sensory experience but this second skin can also enhance your time.

In wild water you are on equal terms and respect for its world takes first place: floats provided for those wishing for a little extra buoyancy.  Bring your own wetsuit (boots, gloves if you want).  Both Tara and D’Arcy are qualified to take you WildSwimming and swims are graded to match the experience you have in seawater and also the accessibility of getting from and back to land.

Contact us for prices and to arrange a WildSwim, or mention it when you book with us for WildCamping.

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