Birds, beetles and barnacles.

Puffins are found off the islands of Herm and Sark.  They arrive offshore around mid April and then leave again, beginning July, to spend the rest of the year bobbing on the water again.  They are like a floating hot waterbottle with icicles as feet, having a clever circulatory system to conserve energy whilst swimming in the NorthSea and Atlantic.  This is a Puffin made by a friend, Bernie who uses bits of driftwood to make seabirds, seahorses and puffins.  His work really is beautiful and made from a sustainable source!  Little Green Island sell his work and he has a private workshop.

A great book is Birds Britannica by Richard Mabey for those who like more quirky facts.  Richard Mabey also writes the iconic text of ‘Food for Free’ which is a great starter guide for foraging for food and grabbing a free meal from the hedges and seashore.  He doesn’t recommend barnacles as in the title of this page but limpets and winkles feature, as they do in our diet.

Limpets have the same protein structure to their shell as fibreglass, they hold a resevoir on their back and float around in the sea for a few days before settling as baby limpets.  Keeping a water tank on your back does has its advantages and allows the limpet to clamp down whilst waiting for the tide.  It then grazes on algae when the tide is in, leaving a trail to get back to its uniquely worn out shell patch.  They are important in controlling over growth of algae on a seashore.

Dragonflies have made their home in our pond (made in 2011) and the edible plants have been home to their larvae.  See for more on their lifecycles.  We have introduced frog spawn too and hope to see frogs peeping from under their slate roofs (slate lines the outer edge).

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