LandHand Scheme, Gathering and skills share

The land we have is for sharing. Time for people to gather, not only bring together people to share the work and care for the land, but also pass on knowledge so that we can keep ancient wisdom ripe and fresh in our community. It’s also about celebrating and sharing the harvest – in the past our ancestors would have enjoyed festivals and seasonal celebrations as a welcome break following working on the land.  We embrace this with: Volunteering on the LandHand Scheme, Gatherings and Workbee days, Freeskilling  and Community based work.

Land Hand Scheme

Many people camping at WildGuernsey, as well as people who live on Guernsey, want to learn about what we are doing and projects with similar ethics to ours (  It’s not just us! We’ve asked other projects/businesses that reflect our ethics to be hosts so that visitors and locals can get a flavour of what’s happening in the Guernsey community around sustainable living. Working side-by-side will allow for information to be shared and also offers time to take in the personal perspective, philosophy and passion of those involved, often leading to thought provoking banter! The idea is similar to our ‘WorkBee days’ for our ‘Growing Community’ project where we get together to share tasks to lessen the load, often leading to shared meals, produce and a feeling of community amongst like-minded people.

This is how it works:

  • If you are staying on the land then let us know that you are interested.
  • If you are local and not staying on the land then email or call 07781 122420

I will send you a choice of hosts to volunteer with, contact details for each, or match you up with a project that may suit your interests. You then contact them directly (24 hrs is asked for in order for us to plan a little) to arrange to help out. Each place will try to offer choice, unless particular work is a priority then all hands muck in! Time can be offered for 1 hr, 2hr, half a day or a full day.  Please make clear any particular needs/preference of work type/requirements when arranging with the host.

Gatherings and Workbee days

Gatherings are held around key dates in the Celtic calendar for folk keen on a Permaculture way of life, or meeting with like-minded people who share a common interest in ethical and sustainable methods of building a better world. The first Permaculture Gathering for Guernsey will be Sunday 3rd may 2015.

Work Bee days are linked to the ‘Growing Community’, an edge project, where the same people are invited to join if they wish to grow food together, also meeting on the Celtic festival dates.  Dates are arranged when work is needed on the land, and a commitment can be as a member or volunteer (see Growing Community page).


Free Skilling Workshops

Skills are shared without money being exchanged, led by those in the community keen to pass on what they know e.g. weaving, baking bread, knitting. Pot luck food (everyone brings something) to share.

Community based work

Pouquelaie Vinery is a place for those who wish to volunteer. Tara mentors home educated young people and hosts the local home educating group, Living Education Guernsey (L.E.G).

Tara is undertaking her Diploma in Permaculture and having completed her Teaching Permaculture course with DesignedVisions, she offers Design work for other environmental and community projects. Aswell as at WildGuernsey, one of her designs will be able to be seen at Delancy Park where an area of land has been designed for students of The College of Further Education to use, plus include the local and wider community. Plans are now passed and work begins to gather people to join the team.

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