Tendrils of thought and shifting intention onwards.

‘Gather some washed up cuttlefish bone the next time you hit the coast. Grind out the bone – it becomes powder – with a cut-throat razor. Forage some wild fennel seeds, and crush them using a mortar and pestle. Mix both together and you’ve got yourself a toothpaste that keeps your teeth clean, your breath fresh and your planet unpolluted.’

I did this…it was OK. I wasn’t sure I could convince my kids or partner to try it.  I have grown soapwort( https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/jul/12/moneyless-man-soap-free-hygiene).too in an attempt to prepare myself to experiment with being moneyless and living with the earth…that’s what we’re here for huh?

And then, like something stuck in your teeth…it comes back, after a time of dormancy when life is tiring and complicated enough to worry over perceived small detail, that over-whelming feeling that can carve every corner of my path, to walk again more gently and take care of this earth…how can I take the right to have clean teeth in exchange for a dirty earth? It seems ludicrous, and it is!

You know how it is…things piece together, threads, tendrils, weave together, when you go in the Right direction for You. Resonating in my head is the pledge of Embercombe which I heard again at the winter solstice at Embercombe, sitting next to Mac, around the hearth of the fire.  Pledging to not act in a way to harm this generation or 7 generations to come.  And then the ‘wetheuncivilised’ film. Finally a friend, making small changes, but many of them and with pure integrity, to live without harm to our environment…and our souls. She is making a huge change, an inconvenient one and she (Mina) inspires me. So I have now converted to bamboo toothbrushes , and I will go collect more cuttlefish…just for me.

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