Hedge salad, beds for growing and sleeping in… with a full heart.

I always feel I have to write an amazing blog after a period of rest, but those are my expectations…so here is an average catch up.

Yesterday welcomed me after Imbolc into the awakening of the plants and abundance once again on our hedges at this time of year. Letting that feeling of urgency pass, that I must do so many things, and instead walking and breathing in the sunlight, taking the opportunity to slot in a ‘lesson’ on wild plants with my kids on the way. I repeatedly went over the dangers of getting sorrel and lords and ladies mixed up by showing them texture, shape, where it grew and how….. and pointing out the secret tell tale of the line that travels the outer edge of lords and ladies (Arum maculatum) of which the berries are poisonous, but the root a useful source of starch, although highly toxic if prepared incorrectly. We ate hedgerow pesto this evening from three-cornered garlic and sorrel (plus almond butter left over in the fridge, organic cashew nuts, lemons from the greenhouse, roasted squash from last years harvest and olives)…my boys ate it!!

Another great thing about now is hedge salad. I have been buying salad bags, and feeling a little nudge to my conscience each time….so, here is to more goodness, better connection and smiles whilst I pick and eat my wild salad bags from the land at WildGuernsey (alexander, cleavers, sea beet, rock samphire, nasturtium, rocket, fennel..oh and penny wort picked from the van window as we went don the track home).p1020954







We are preparing for another season of glamping and growing. Newly mulched no-dig beds for a new crop in October to harvest and sell with our seaweed condiment, and gathering bedding for guests who glamp on the land in our canvas tents (searching charity shops for bedding and beautiful bed blankets, preferring well loved ones rather than buying new…Oh the dilemma of ethical decisions on bedding!!!!). I just hope that guests excuse, or find it endearing that they may get a surprise floral hand embroidered pillow case, or old woolen blanket. The growing beds have seen loving effort from volunteers, both coming to stay from off Island to help tend to the land, and locals who took part in our community growing project. Now they take on fresh paths and directions. As we do at WildGuernsey with promises of fresh workshops, crafts to share around a fire, family stays with workshops and getting our feet wet with seeking more seaweeds.


Mulches of mypex with mushroom compost under, ready for planting into for a crop in October.  Weed control no-dig style.


Our Ger with a single fouton draped with old horse blanket from a Guernsey attic and reindeer skin. 



The story board from the project of making material and chocolate hearts for a pop-up fair-trade stall at the Land of Green Ginger shop in the town….start them young!!!

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