Foraging for your store cupboard and soul.


Squash seeds sprinkled with our Sea Vegetable and Sea Greens condiment



Eating wild food doesn’t mean hours collecting, preparing and cooking for one meal. Wild Hedge veg and store cupboard condiments can help.  I pulled over on the coast road the other day, late so a bit rushed and after buying hedge veg (vegetables sold in boxes on the side of the road) I needed something green and tasty to go with my veg for a soup we were to cook together with other families that morning. With one leg dangling over, a hand gripping a tuft of grass I picked the best leaves of a sea beet plant, leaving plenty for the plant. Then in this moment , I smiled because if I hadn’t stopped, I wouldn’t have felt the breeze, sun on my face, heard the herring gulls, sensed the soft forgiving grass under my knee, heard the crunch of the leaves. Back in the car again and a bit further on, I paused, hung out the door and grabbed a handful of three-cornered garlic, saying to my children that this is better than going to the shops. My son agreed and said that there is no cues, bustle of people, packaging! If we are lucky enough to live by something green and natural then there is something there to know and eat.

I have two young children and time is short sometimes so we gather wild food and sea vegetables, dry them and they are readP1020288y to use out of the store cupboard (we sell them too).

‘They who a great good thing would know, must first to the wild places go and if they eat of the wild food there a Revelation will occur, of the part that Nature asks people to play so that All can live happily forever and a day’.

This weekend we introduced  a group of people here with Visit Guernsey to see what Guernsey has to offer others for our Heritage festival and Food festival ( The journalists sampled our condiments on roasted squash seeds, naked crisps with our Alexander black pepper, cheese straws with seaweed, and freshly cooked greens cooked on the beach. We spoke about connection with our food, our environment, our Island. P1020388


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