Hedge Pesto

mar 2015 039

Hedge pesto with chickweed behind…spoon made by Darcy.

A friend made a similar pesto, took it to work and her colleagues joked that it was ‘pissto’.  The play on words referring to the addition of dog wee, often sprayed on wild food below the safe collecting zone!  No hidden ingredients in this delicious hedge pesto we had for lunch. In fact as I write, my son (aged 18mths) has climbed up and has his finger in the very same pesto photographed. Goes down well with 4 year old and oldies. This time a blitzed three-cornered garlic, chickweed and sorrel from the hedge, rocket and coriander, along with sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, raw hard cheese, olive oil and 2 lemons (ours are sweet so some rind too), a sprinkle of seaweed condiment (A WildGuernsey product) and salt.

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