Cooked for by ‘The Hungry Sailors’…. delicious on a beautiful boat too.

Darcy standing on The Morwenna with his Breton Reefer jacket from the second hand shop…and proud of his find!! Dick Strawbridge is signing an old Seamanship book that Darcy found at the reclamation site…it’s signed fro his sister who made James Strawbridge some soft soled crochet ‘Merry Feet’ for his son who has just learnt to walk (they are great as little feet can feel the ground and their muscles develop naturally).  They cooked a great 3 course meal from foraged food that we’d supplied and scallops from Richard Keen (fisherman and diver here in Guernsey).  How lovely to be given such yummy food from the wild and amongst people who care about sustainable food and living.  James has  a series of books out too for more yummy recipes and loves cooking on open fires…suits us! loved the panna cotta made from Mandy and Peter Girards Golden Guernsey goat milk, the scallops with rock samphire were plump, crisply coated and zesty, oh and the tartlet with goats cheese came close to my mums (which still rate higher…and sold at the farmer market at Castel for tartlet and pasty lovers) but I did like that they added carragheen seaweed to it for seasoning….must tell mum.

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