Walk ‘The Channel Island Way’ from WildGuernsey camping barely touching the road.

I wandered down to the beach with Hugo and looked over to the southwest point, glancing at The Hanois lighthouse and then over to cliffs. Leaving your camping pitch here at WildGuernsey, you can amble down the sunken path, touch the quiet lane for a minute and then sink your toes into the sand and not reach tarmac again until you get to St Peter Port- via the beach and cliff path.  This is something I wanted to share with you after reflecting on a cycle ride on our reclaimed bikes venturing only as far as the fairy ring, as you might be thinking of The Channel Island way walking guide http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/guernsey/blog/walk-the-channel-island-way/article037999.htm, or be looking for somewhere to stay where the car is not king and there is more sand or green than concrete (they paved paridise and put up a parking lot).  The approach to our site is via feet, wheelbarrow, bike or donkey (if you have one), so as to keep the area peace-full.  I like to journey somewhere, taking time and observing nature.  It is something we teach on the WildFood workshops, for you to get to know the plants by Seeing The Whole and noting changes. People talk of not knowing where their food comes from, seasonality and feeling a dis-connection with what they eat.  Gathering greens and taking them from hedge to your plate can be something you could do whilst walking the cliffs or lanes around Guernsey. Our roll top bath -prehaps with some seaweed added to help ease the aches and pains (best bet to use bladderwrack) will always soothe your body (or simply a seaweed soak for your feet), back at the land, before warming around an open fire!

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