Trees, thoughts and space for both

We have come back from a holiday in England with renewed strength for our land project  having had conversations with  inspiring people and visited thought provoking places.

Part of our time has been spent amongst trees.  Something we lack in Guernsey, well the sort of woods with big old mature trees, with lichen draped on their arms and dappling light peaking through their skirts. Embercombe was another place we visited and a ‘coming home’ feeling has stayed with me since. Here, my path highlighted once again, a little nudge in my side and a smile as I once again recognise my way, although it feels familiar it is not always clear.  I’m reading mac’s (founder of Embercombe) book and I’m going to buy/lend it to all that I love.  It’s just one of those that you need to pass on He talks at the end of the book of people stepping out of the shadows and voicing their concern about the exploitation threatening the core systems of our planet and “Every single time that a conversation takes place which inspires or encourages or emboldens, we secure a tiny victory”.  I hope that we can provide a space at WildGuernsey for conversations like these.

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