It has been awhile since I last wrote.  Hibernation after a beautiful season of people sharing the land with us and staying in the tipis and bell tent. I found the ribbon with the wild carrot left in The Seafarer Tipi, which to me, was a ‘Thank you’ and an appreciation for the detail and time spent with us by these people.  We really have had some beautiful people stay this year, which fills me with excitement for 2012. Many conversations sharing ideas about living lightly and an insight into how folk want to and are connecting with their world.  We’ve learnt heaps from everyone.  The comments in the visitor book are encouraging and we hope to see some of you to the west coast of Guernsey again.  Famke, below, left us with her hangings of nature amongst the blackthorn, for all to share….Thanks.

Starting with sourdough

I made my first sourdough rye this morning, inspired my Katie and Gordon from tracebridge sourdough  We visited them recently, after a friend who had volunteered on our land recommended to pop by their place…so we did. I had pre-tasted their bread, brownies and buns from Minehead farmers market the day before and went back for more, plus a look around.  We missed their pizza night (starts again in spring), but if we’re back in England then we’ll join them around their pond sometime for wood fired pizza. My attempt this morning was poor in comparison, but I will practice and hopefully perfect, and the smell of chewy sourdough bread will be wafting from our little oven someday.


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