Ducklings, Dads and Sundowners.

Friends have joined us, from their boat in Turkey ( to help on the land.  They have become part of the WildGuernsey family, as have 9 ducklings and 3 lambs so far.  Dennis (left) and sandra (right) have given so much to the land with their energy and creative ideas for all our reclaimed bits’n’pieces.  The smell of resin as they have worked with old wood, dumped from a church, has added incense to the air for days.

It is a little late for lambs but our son Hugo (making it D’Arcys first Fathers day too) has something to do with that as he was born when the ram was due to visit, resulting in a delay in courtship!



Pootle and Ponder are also Dads, fitting since it is father’s day today.  Hugo leans over the cardboard box and stares at the ducklings as they flit from water to crumbs and respond to my attempts of duck talk.

Happy Fathers Day to my dad too as he continues to help us find our feet for the WildCamping season.  I bought him a T-shirt not long ago with ‘Growing Together’ on it and a photo of the greenhouses.  He teaches Me to Grow in more ways than simply  to grow tomatoes.  Thanks Dad.


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