WildFood Foraging

WildFood and WildSeashore Workshops  

Celebrate the wild with natures harvest on these 3 hour workshops with D’Arcy Brimson and Tara de Jersey.  You will leave with an understanding of foods that the wild has to offer us, how to do it safely and with care for the environment.  We’ll identify and harvest the best of what there is available, endeavouring to work with the wild, getting creative to produce a gathered gourmet brunch or afternoon tapas tea which you can tuck into overlooking or amongst the rocks of rugged Rocquaine bay.  Your time will be flavoured with exploring hedgerows, fields and edges of quiet lanes (or the seashore and salty edges for the WildSeashore Workshop) sampling a little of what the west coast can offer.

All this for £30 per person (we only take small groups up to 8 to ensure everyone can be involved).  Dates run throughout the year and ‘on demand’ for private groups.  These will be posted up under the WildLearning site.  Give us a call or email us if you would like to know more.

D’Arcy and Taras background: 

Taking in the view whilst sampling the foraged foods.

Darcy is a Silver accredited guide and worked for 3 years with Island Rib Voyages Ltd as their main eco-guide, along with Tara.  Their passion is for living sustainably with the land and in particular wild foraging and what natures harvest can provide.  Darcy has his Certificate in Adult Education, and also works with educating young people.  His teaching approach is inclusive and imaginative.  Both Darcy and Tara have worked with young people for the past 10 years.  Tara has a certificate in teaching Permaculture (designing sustainable systems) with the British Permaculture Association. 

 ‘Eat The Change.  Finding your food & feeling the difference.  Seasonal Attunement’

The challenges are eclipsed by the pleasures.

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  1. this is great and i am interested in a wild foraging workshop!

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