About us

The land

Our site, Pouquelaie Vinery, is in one of the most peaceful corners of Guernsey, though only 20 minutes away from St Peter’s Port, the capital of the island. The land comprises of three fields, 2 greenhouses, and scrub land sloping down to the beach. The high vantage point faces out west across the sea, with views from the south westerly point of the Hanois lighthouse, to the North westerly Lihou Island. In between are sandy beaches, just a two minute walk away down quiet lanes and sunken old paths.

The team of WildGuernsey

D’Arcy is a Silver accredited guide and worked for 3 years with Island Rib Voyages Ltd as their main eco-guide. His passion is for living with the land and in particular wild foraging, discovering what nature’s harvest can provide. He has recently gained his Certificate in Adult Education, and also works with educating young people. His teaching approach is inclusive and imaginative. His background is with leading young people in the Canadian outback and States with canoeing and wilderness camping, climbing, surfing and sailing. He grew up on a small holding with his parents in Somerset raising their own meat, grinding their own wheat for flour and using the wood they grew and chopped down to keep warm.

Tara is a Guernseywoman and qualified permaculture teacher.  She has grown up on the beach foraging for winkles and fishing with her pop.  Her love for the sea has taken her to study marine Zoology, sail with D’Arcy on their 22ft gaff rigged boat to Italy and to skipper for Island RIB Voyages Ltd.  Her passion for living gently with the environment, and giving back to it,  has led her on this journey.


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