Welcome to WildGuernsey.  We have an extended season for Wildcamping for 2014 in a safari tent (new for 2014), tipi or bell tent from April until the end of September for 2014.

Please feel free to have a look around to find out more about us, booking a  holiday , workshop and learning options, and our WildGuernsey products.

Check out our blog .

Please get in contact with me, Tara, or via the Education website http://www.education.gg/article/2096/Home-Education, if you have an interest in home education/natural learning and live in Guernsey as we have a growing number of us keen to share knowledge and learning! We meet every Thursday morning.

What is Wild Guernsey?

Wild Guernsey is a growing educational and sustainable agricultural land project, run by myself (Tara) and D’Arcy, with our son Hugo. We are living a low-impact lifestyle adopting a land-based, simple, localised lifestyle that works with the land and with natural cycles. We want to re-connect to the land & share this knowledge with those who wish to join us. We run Workshops & Wild foraging courses, offer Wildcamping on the land and sell our produce at the farmers Markets and local stores.  Profits that we make are re-invested in the project.

Our ethos

Wild Guernsey is run along the permaculture principles of earthcare, fairshares, and people care. We are stewards of the environment around us and want to learn how to adapt to living with what we have, and to live for our needs and not our greed.  Read more about our ethos here.

What we can offer

  • A place to be quiet with nature, to observe and interact with it.
  • A place to share skills and knowledge to equip ourselves for the changing environmental challenges.
  • A place to invest time into and reap rewards from the land.

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